Interior Arch or Cathedral Top Door Line Art- Page 2
Add the elegance and beauty of Arch or Cathedral top doors to your home.
Arch top doors have a 2 1/2" drop from highest point of the arch to the lowest.
Cathedral top doors have a 3 1/2" drop from the highest point of the arch to the lowest. With certain
profiles, on doors less than 27" wide, the drop will be 2 1/2". Catherdral tops are made from templates.
At this time we do not have spec sheets for them.


SL-35-A      SL-20-BF-A SL-35-C      SL-20-BF-C SL-36-A      SL-20-BF-A SL-36-C      SL-20-BF-C


SL-40-A     SL-20-BF-A SL-40-C       SL-20-BF-C SL-46-A      SL-21-BF-A SL-46-C       SL-21-BF-C


SL-42-A      SL-33-BF-A SL-42-C      SL-33-BF-C SL-43-A      SL-33-BF-A SL-43-C      SL-33-BF-C
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