Seneca Lag Door Series
Key Benefits
Lag Bolt Construction: Lag bolts are bored in from the edge of the door to tightly join the stiles and rails. These metal bolts are considerably stronger than wood dowels used by most manufacturers. This added strength helps Seneca Lag Doors guard against separation caused by climate variations.

Veneered Parts: Stiles, rails, and panels are plain sliced veneer laminated onto industrial grade particle board (low formaldehyde) to insure stability and durability, eliminating panel splitting and minimizing expansion and contraction. Stiles, rails, and bladder formed veneer panels are constructed not to warp, split, or crack. Our stiles, rails, and panels are consistent in graining and color, creating a beautiful finished door.

Finish Sanding: Every door that leaves Koch and Company has been hand sanded to ensure quality, and to shorten the time it takes to stain and finish the door.

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